Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Final prints from all my work in my lead in project. These images were at the front of my portfolio. Using many different methods of layering from painting to printmaking techniques.

Final prints for my portfolio and lead in project.

This was the start of my lead in project which helped me to create my portfolio.

book work

Trying out new thing

book work

This work helped me to develope try out some new things

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Using a Polaroid Camera to Create Layered Images, Guy Jarrett, 2009 - Falling in love with an old Polaroid camera sparked off many ideas for my work; using its film and it's physical aesthetics for many drawing ideas. Also the uncontrolled outcomes which come with the cameras innate nature and that you never know how it will end up. This also inspired me to look into the background and scene of the camera and through this found 60's 'mod' clothing is coming back into modern fashion. I started drawing images and using processes to layer them up, creating work using my 'mod' drawings, Polaroid films and Polaroid camera drawings over the top to create high energy, lively work.
This is my work from Wolf massive thanks to Alexander Missen for putting me in.
I have featured in a online mag with some of my good buddys take a look on site. www.wolfmag.squarespace.com.

Take a good look !!!!

Friday, 19 June 2009

keep watching this spaces more photos up soon as i get my portfolio back

This was the end product for my final show. Using all my drawings and Polaroid pictures i have layered them up using photocopying and my scanner and playing around with different composition's and these were the best 3. The Polaroids are 6 of my best pictures i took. The video i made was 4 different polaroid photo slowly developing to show different images.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

the private show of the final year show is tonight i will have more work up after the show comes down on the Sunday so watch this spaces.


These are each frame in an animation i produced. using my love of processes i used screen wash printing to print each frame of my friends who are the 717 art collective dancing. its a short 2 second movies but really effective. i will put it on youtube soon and post the link.

Image and Text project

This work was produced in a image and text project in visual studies. i looked at collecting images which represents the urbun life for examples flayers to events in night clubs etc. I had a trip to Amsterdam during this project where i saw lots of graffiti with a different style of writing. i collected all these ideas and layered them up. This was also in my uni portfolio.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

images from my portfolio

These next series of images are from my portfolio which i took to my uni interview. These series of work were from my "Lead in" project, the project before my FMP(Final Major Project). I took A lot of inspiration from the artist Conner Harrington a graffiti artist and also the world famous Gerhard Richter. Combining it with printmaking techniques i created a series of mix media layered work. The images used in work are images i have found in books on the street photo from my camera etc. So there's no real theme to the images. I used them because i think they looked cool.