Monday, 31 January 2011

I am part running and featuring in the first ever Norwich Zine Market.

Its on the 12th February in Norwich UK at a shop called Cherry Cherry

the facebook group is here

Friday, 28 January 2011

its now January so its the 3rd artist in the 11 mouth project for shhh clothing. the artist is StephanMellor with some amazing college work mixing old imagery with new design techniques. This mouth shhh manage to get stew gallery in Norwich for the exhibition. this was amazing as it is a fully running gallery space and a chance for me and my other curating partner Liam Clark to test are skills in curating. With us and Mellor working closely we manage to produce a really good show. there wasn't much art work to hang but we found away of filling the whole space mixing the clothing in with the art work. the show was a massive hit and many people came to the private view.

Zine Sale

the 0nineHUNDRED had another zine sale at Norwich art school. it was a step up from the last one with a better location and lots more products being sold. we had a new zinester with us Liam Drane with his skate hardcore art zine called lost boy. It went really well and we all took some money home. We are having another zine sale out of the art school happening soon more details on that later.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I have brought 3 new books which i cant wait to read. The top book Fanzines is a big book all about where zines came from and what they ment to kids reading/making them. Its a big book with lots of images of these first zines and its so amazing to see them with all there different styles.
The next book DIY the rise of lo-fi culture is written Amy Spencer. This book i am really excited to read. It talks about how zines communicate between kids and where zines sit in society.
The last book is from one of favourite artist R. Crumb and its called hero's of blues, jazz and country and comes with a CD of R.Crumb's favourite music. This book has portraits paintings of all the greats jazz, blues and country musicians of all time.
I will be slowly working my way through these books. But i know they will give me great inspiration.