Wednesday, 13 October 2010


On the 9th/10th myself and Becci Atkinson illustration had a trip down to London to catch up on some gallery's and to meet up with the 717 illustration collective. Just being back in London and soaking up the atmosphere was inspiring and gave me lots of new ideas for work. There was some cool new street art up with some good new weat pastes posters. We went to stolen space gallery which had new work by word to mother. Only had a quick look round because we are going back on the 14th with the whole of the 0nineHUNDRED and again with becci illustration. We are heading back from the private view of the MONIKER art fair but more about that after we have been. On are travels we came across one of the favourite artist working on a new peice. Ben Eine was spray painting another wall in this amazing style. I got some good pictures of him working also some photos of during the day.

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