Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I have brought 3 new books which i cant wait to read. The top book Fanzines is a big book all about where zines came from and what they ment to kids reading/making them. Its a big book with lots of images of these first zines and its so amazing to see them with all there different styles.
The next book DIY the rise of lo-fi culture is written Amy Spencer. This book i am really excited to read. It talks about how zines communicate between kids and where zines sit in society.
The last book is from one of favourite artist R. Crumb and its called hero's of blues, jazz and country and comes with a CD of R.Crumb's favourite music. This book has portraits paintings of all the greats jazz, blues and country musicians of all time.
I will be slowly working my way through these books. But i know they will give me great inspiration.

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