Friday, 17 December 2010

Its now December so the next shhhh clothing mouth in under way. This months artist/illustrator is Adam Batchelor. This mouth exhibition was held in a fashion boutique called Bespoke Boutique situated in the Lower Goat lane Norwich. The owner of the shop gave shhhhh the whole front window and a rail for the collection. The boss man of shhhhh asked again myself and another artist Liam Clark if we would like help the curate the show. This was a different style of show from the last one. It was very minimal show with not a lot of work to be hung. We found good spaces for the framed pieces of work in the store but the hardest bit was the shop window. We wonted it to look really eye catching and dynamic so it would draw people in. We spent a long time playing around with different combinations until we found right one. We found it was eye catching and had a certain amount of class and sophistication to it. This was a really good opportunity again and has add again more to my experience and skill about how to go about curating an exhibition.

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